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Where's my 2 dollars?                                      
Here at Happy Pets, we know you're a busy person and we offer many different options on how to pay for such an awesome service.

  •  Click on the Buy Now button and you can enter the amount you owe using a debit or credit card (once again you don't have to log in or set up an account, just click the link that says "not a member")

      • Mail check, or money order to: 


    • 3315 E Russell Rd, Ste A4-102

    • Las Vegas, NV 89120

    • Have bill pay online through your bank? Send a check automatically each week or month.
      • Give us your email address and we'll send you an e-invoice, using PayPal (you don't have to sign up for anything)


    • Houston, we've made

      Call or text us at
      (702) 856-6143
      Email us at

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